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Data Science for Environmental Business

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Are you interested in clean tech and sustainability? Do you like working with data or plan to manage data scientists? Do you want to find a socially impactful job?

If so, Data Science for Environmental Business is for you. Each week, we’ll have a guest speaker from a venture capital firm, clean tech startup, electric utility, renewable energy developer, or some other sustainability-related business. We’ll do a quantitative case study of the speaker’s business problem, such as siting wind farms, measuring carbon footprints, rating ESG performance, managing EV charging, and predicting electric vehicle demand. In the next class, we’ll discuss the analytical decisions you made on the case study and the business implications of your results.

We aim to draw a class that is roughly half MBA students and half advanced undergraduate and master’s students from engineering, sustainability, data science, economics, and other fields. We hope to develop a pipeline of students working for the guest speakers and similar firms.